*Background: D. B. Hudson came to Avoyelles Parish from Lowndes County in Mississippi where he was born on March 2, 1842. He was reared and educated in his native State. In 1861 he enlisted in Company A, Thirteenth Mississippi Infantry, and was in Gen. Lee’s army, serving until the surrender. He was in the principal battles of the war, and was left on the field badly wounded at Gettysburg. He finally recovered, and rejoined his command the next spring, remaining with Gen. Lee until the close of the war. He was in Ewell’s corps, and was taken prisoner only three days before Lee’s surrender, but was held until July of 1865. He returned to Mississippi, remained there until 1870, and then came to Avoyelles Parish, La., [Evergreen 1870-1877; Holmesville 1878-1881; Eola 1881-1917] with his family.

D.B. Hudson moved to Evergreen from Mississippi in 1870 and was very prominent. [Authors Porter and Barbara Wright wrote in their very fine 1990 book, The Old Evergreen Burying Ground (p. 81): “Act 61 of the 1872 Louisiana Legislature provided for a new corporation styled ‘Evergreen’.” “Take a point in the center of Hill Street, in front of the residence of D. B. Hudson and from this point, to include and comprise one mile square, was to be that set apart for the village…In 1872 he was elected first Treasurer of the Bayou Rouge Church”.

D. B. Hudson moved to Holmesville in 1878 and established a very successful mercantile business. He, and others from Holmesville, moved to Eola to be near the newly constructed Morgan's Louisiana and Texas Railroad. He was the last Postmaster at Holmesville and the first Postmaster at Eola when the Post Office was moved there in 1881 from Holmesville. He served eight years in the Louisiana House of Representatives from, 1884 to 1888 and from 1896 to 1900. He died in 1917 at his home in Eola and was buried in Evergreen. He was 75 years old.

In 1890 the Southern Publishing Company published the Biographical and Historical Memories of Northwest Louisiana and noted that the Honorable Daniel B. Hudson was one of the prominent names that made up the strength of the mercantile trade, and that he was not only a gentleman of education and learning, but had high social qualities. Additionally this publication noted that he was a leader in politics in his locality (Avoyelles Parish).

“For his recognition as being the last Postmaster at the once prominent village of Holmesville and the first Postmaster at the newly established Post Office in Eola in 1881, along with being elected twice to the Louisiana Legislature from 1884/1888 and from 1896/1900 the Honorable D.B. Hudson should be dutifully recognized as the Avoyellean of the Year for 1896 upon being sworn in a second time as a member of the Louisiana Legislature”. Such representation of the peoples of Avoyelles Parish along with his many other accomplishments, Daniel Bestor Hudson deserves appropriate recognition for the high honor of being the Avoyellean of the Year for 1896.

-Nominated by Jerry Lafleur